Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Thousand Splendid Things

Awake, O north wind,
And come, O south!
Blow upon my garden,
That its spices may flow out.
Let my beloved come to his garden
And eat its pleasant fruits.

The Shulamite, Songs of Solomon 4:16

The bard of Stratford-upon-Avon, that true but uncrowned king of the blessed isle we call England, William Shakespeare, once described love as a discrete form of madness.

Ah me! . . . he was right!

Love is indeed a fine thing. The love between a man and a woman is without doubt a beautiful thing. There is no human experience I know of, that ranks above that moment when Cupid’s arrow first strikes your heart. The world around you becomes a pleasant blur and the heart within you throbs! . . . and throbs!! . . . and throbs!!! . . . glowing with all the passion of a hundred suns.

But is it possible you ask?

Is it possible for the love between a man and a woman to thrill our imagination with such fever-pitch intensity?

Yes, yes, . . . O yes, it is possible!

It is possible to have a love that is so untameable, unassailable – love that is like a storm in the heart and nothing can be done about it either in time or in eternity. Yes, such a love as the human heart craves for – a longing, so deep and a hunger that is twice as wide.

For a man to look into the eyes of the woman he loves and be lost in their wonder; to have those ten dainty trimmings that he calls her fingers, tickling his sides to make his heart merry with laughter; to roam the grassy fields, the countryside ringing with their laughter – intoxicated with this wine that flows from their hearts.

To have the moon bathe their marriage nest in an unbroken stream of silvery light; to taste honey between each kiss – their breath, the smell of scented flowers. To place her seal upon his life and do the bidding of love, which commands him to see himself in her – that is, my friend, a thing of beauty.

Such a love is as much a wound of Cupid’s arrow as it is the combined will of the lovers to keep it so. It must be tended to like a garden of flowers – weeds must be kept out. One man can love one woman and, one woman can love one man and they can both be the better for it – like music and poetry - in eternal union.

Love is a winged creature, a native of the skies. It is an offspring of the wind-borne clouds, an ever-soaring companion of the stars. Love is a minstrel, love is a goddess, - love is a scion of the divine.

It is the light in the eyes of a strolling couple, even the sun in its brilliance does not compare. Love stirs the heart in unending bubbles – it is life’s elixir, it is a spirit, so fair. It is the soul of laughter, the messenger of joy; it is the Artist of all nature’s display.

Love is the coolness of morning, it is the fire in your bosom – it is the volcano that erupts within your frame. Love exalts your sight, it makes your vision boundless – love is a deity that grants you a noble name. It is heaven’s melody, it is as vast as the eternals, love is a mystery that no man can search.

It is a divine angel, the beat of all hearts.

Love is more than a thousand splendid things!


  1. "One man can love one woman and, one woman can love one man and they can both be the better for it – like music and poetry - in eternal union." I liked that line.

    A discrete form of madness, Shakespeare was right. And you, my friend...I think a bigger platform needs to hear your voice (and read your articles) e.g. twitter, facebook pages...simply enlightening and refreshing to read.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love... "It must be tended to like a garden of flowers – weeds must be kept out." I love that part of it.

    Reading this, images of my sweetheart was just flashing through my mind. This post certainly confirms I'm in love. Thanks bro :)

  3. A Jaycee . . .a bigger platform? I mean, I thought twitter is limited in the number of words you can post and Facebook is more or less like instant messages with hyperlinks to blogs. Most likely I am wrong about these.

    I am open to any suggestions from you.

    @ LDP. . . I feel you my bros.

  4. wow, beautifully written... now this makes me want to fall in love ,lol ! well, i guess i have to wait for the right time and not rush into things.
    D'banj talk am like this, 'love is a beautiful thing'.
    Nice one

  5. Well, with twitter, more people are bound to read these inspiring articles via updates whenever you post something new.

    Facebook is more intimate than twitter and you probably don't need all that fuss. But twitter will get these articles to those who really need to see them (I think). But I'm not a pro though...just suggesting. I feel like I'm getting so much out of these articles and so many more people need to read them.

    Oh, if you don't want to join, you could still add bookmarking and sharing icons to your blog so it's easier to share stuff directly from your blog (e.g. retweet buttons and Facebook Share on each post)

  6. @ Jaycee... OOOOOkaaayyyy . . . now you have confused me completely